Video Poker Games

Video Poker Games

The video poker is a classic casino game. You can also practice it online in any online casino room. It is a very popular game. This popularity is possibly due to the fact that you can win a large amount of money through a small bet. You could say that this game is between typical slot machines and traditional poker “5 card draw”. We will learn here to play videopoker, its different modalities, and even to differentiate between a machine that pays less than another that returns around 99% of the collection in prizes. It is not a purely random game, but it is a game that requires certain skills.

The introduction to video poker , as the name implies, will consist of learning the basics of this game. We will see in broad strokes how to play, what it is and what its main rules are. In summary you will have here everything you need to start playing, although if you want to dig a little deeper into this game, we recommend you read the following articles.

Video Poker Rules

If in the previous article we explained in broad strokes what the game consists of, here we will see the rules of video poker . We tell you all the steps you have to follow, and we will place special emphasis on the phase of discarding, since it is this point that will require a certain skill that molds luck a bit. In short, we will try to reveal the little tricks that this game can hide so that you can maximize your chances of winning.


After discovering that among the modalities of video poker the game “Jacks or better” stands out, we will see the rest of the modalities that can be found in an online casino or casino. We will discover that the different modalities depend on how the different combinations of cards are paid. Depending on the machine some combinations will be rewarded more than others, in all the machines the winning combinations are reflected in the payment table.

Find the best machine to play

We will see how the payment table is fundamental in every way, and perhaps most important of all, to differentiate between a machine that pays more than another. In this article you will find a way to identify the best video poker machine , that is, after reading this article, you will be able to identify which machines are the ones with the highest return on the collection returned in prizes.

Strategy to play Video Poker

The game of Video Poker is based on the game of poker but the objective of both games is different. The videopoker is about getting one of the prize poker combinations of the machine where you are playing using a discard. The strategy to play Video Poker is based on the probabilities of obtaining each of the combinations with a prize from the initial hand, the discard must be made taking into account the probabilities of obtaining each of the combinations and the prize associated with Each combination

Strategy for the Game “Jacks or Better” 

Have you decided to play Jacks or Better mode? Then we advise you to take a look at the strategy of the Jacks or Better videopoker . This way you can mature in what the game is and what is the best way to win. We teach you the best possible strategy in probabilistic terms that you should follow if you want to maximize your winning options. In this way, each possible combination of cards has a unique solution that maximizes the odds of winning the maximum. We will show you the strategy to continue indicating which cards should be kept, and which cards should be discarded for each possible combination of cards. To make it even easier, when you play you can help yourself with the strategic table that we propose. The table includes all possible initial hands.

Strategy “Deuces Wild” (The doses are wild cards)

The “Deuces Wild” mode is possibly the best known mode after the typical “Jacks or Better” (Jacks or Better). Its great difference with the latter is because of the “wild” concept, which consists in the fact that there are wild cards. In fact, in this modality “Deuces Wild” (The Doses are Wildcards) the 4 doses will act as wild cards. This element is key when preparing the strategy to play the video game “Deuces Wild” (The Doses are Wildcards), since depending on the number of doses that touch you in the initial hand, you must place yourself in one or another strategic table .

Joker Poker Strategy (With Wild Card)

In the Video Poker mode Joker Poker is played with an extra card, a wild card. In this way, the deck for this game happens to have 53 cards. This extra wild card will completely change the payment table according to the combinations formed and of course the strategy to follow. There is an important change if we compare this game with that of “Jacks or Better” (Jacks or Better) is that the minimum winning combination for this game is the pair of kings: “Kings or Better” (Kings or Better). On the other hand, the presence of the wild card must be taken into account. The Joker Poker videopoker strategyIt is different from the case of “Jacks or Better” (Jacks or Better). When developing the strategy, it is necessary to differentiate between whether or not the wild card has been received between the start cards. For the rest it is also about winning, following a strategy to maximize the chances of winning.

Video Poker Machines with Progressive Jackpot

The machines Video Poker progressive jackpot can become very attractive as the jackpot (jackpot) that have accumulated. We will see that if the jackpot is its strong point, these machines may also have negative points due to this concept of progressive jackpot. Sometimes we should not be blinded by the possibility of winning the incredible jackpot, since it will be tremendously difficult to achieve unless it is our lucky day. Although why not try?

Multimano Video Poker

Traditional Video Poker machines feature a type of one-handed game. In these you can multiply the amount wagered by the number of credits. However, with multi-hand videopoker machines , apart from the amount bet, what you can multiply is the number of hands played at the same time. In this case, for each hand you play, at the time of discard, it will be multiplied by the number of hands allowed by the multi-hand machine. The strategy is the same and you can enjoy them in any type of video Poker. Try them and multiply the emotion.


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