2/5 nl at the Hard Rock. Max buyin of $1000. Ran up a monster stack of about $7500! : poker

2/5 nl at the Hard Rock. Max buyin of $1000. Ran up a monster stack of about $7500! : poker

Around the 1pm mark, my table got really loose and splashy. There were 2 PLO players playing at my table, waiting for their PLO game to start up. The table dynamics definitely loosened up the action and influenced my decision.

BTN Straddled pot. Blinds go first. BB limps 10 with about 350 behind. MP Calls with 1100 behind. HJ Calls with a short stack of about 180. I look down at 99 in the CO.

Raise to $70. BB calls. MP Calls. HJ jams for his 180. Hero flats in the CO. BB then jams for his 350. Then MP jams his full stack of 1100. (I have the table covered, sitting with about 3k) I’m just sitting there like.. what the fuck just happened. Now there’s 1810 in the pot, and i need to call off 920 to win a total of 2700-2800.

I tank for like 4 or 5 minutes talking out loud, trying to figure out what to make of all this action; “What the fuuuck just happened? Everyone just fuckin shipped it! Fuck dude, I have a pair but i don’t know if it’s big enough..” blah blah blah. Part of me thinks everyone is jamming light and gambling it up. Maybe they’re even holding a lot of each other’s outs?

I end up putting in the call, certainly not loving it. I’m mainly concerned with the side pot between me and the MP. I ask him what he has and he says “fuck man not much”.

Everyone turns over their hands. BB has AJdd, MP has KQo, and HJ has AJo. BTN chimes in he folded A9. So one less set for me, but one less ace in the deck as well.

Flop comes 6 T 7, one diamond. One over card to my 9’s but no one has a Ten.

Turn a 2 of diamonds, giving the BB a flush draw.

River is the beautiful 2 of clubs.

My 99 manages to hold and scoop a ~$2800 pot! What a runout! Highlight of the night for me, for sure. Nothing quite like making a questionable call at best and getting paid off for it.

Edit: Other than that, not too many notable hands. Aggressive 3 and 4 betting pre, relentless continuation betting, and check-raising / playing my draws aggressively allowed me to win most of my hands without showdown, or needing to make a real hand too often.


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