Counting Cards on Blackjack

Counting Cards on Blackjack

Why does it work?

When the dealer prepares to deal the cards, the fraction of cards worth 10 (10, Jack, Queen and King) will always be 30.77% (16/52). However, as the hands are dealt, this fraction will change. It is mathematically proven that if this fraction increases sufficiently, the house edge can become a significant advantage for the player.

Already plenty of average cards remaining in the deck (7, 8 and 9) have no impact on the house edge.

bla18A rich deck of cards of value 10 is advantageous to the player for the following reasons:

 It immediately results in an increase in natural blackjack that will be dealt. As players are paid 3 to 2 over their bet- a big advantage for the player. Higher percentage of aces in the remaining deck results in an increase in natural blackjacks.

Plenty of 10-value cards also increase the potential win value for the player when he can double his bet.

That is, there are times during the game when you have an edge over the casino. This happens if the highest cards are in larger quantity than the low cards. When this occurs, the dealer is at a disadvantage.

In effect, the player can “keep” with any sum of his hand, while the dealer must continue with a score of 16 or lower. For this reason, the dealer is likely to be much more likely to burst if there are, for example, many faces with a value of 10.

The basis of card counting is to detect when these high card situations occur in full play. It is accepted that very good card counters can have a 1% to 1.5% advantage over the casino through this tactic with the aid of basic strategy.

There are many techniques, however most people believe that the card counter has to know exactly what the next card is. Actually, that’s not how it works, the technique – it works by assigning a value system to each card. As the hands are played, a certain amount is reached which indicates that it is a favorable time for the player to win the hands and thus increase their bets.

However, being a card counter requires a lot of practice and a great deal of concentration, as it takes a lot of speed to be able to count all the cards at once. Ideally, first practice at home until you can master these techniques perfectly.

One of the easiest card counting systems is to count continuously as the cards are dealt. Aces and cards with a face value of 10 are counted as minus 1 (-1). Cards with a value of two to six inclusive are counted as maas one (+1). As the count is positive, the player begins to raise their bets, which we will discuss better below. 

In any case, this technique and the basic strategy is only half the battle. The other half is to prevent the casino system from noticing. Warning, this technique is not illegal… it is simply not welcomed by the casino… When they suspect that some player is making it, they typically invite them out, especially if they are winning significantly.

In a famous book, “Bringing Down The House,” Ben Mezrich describes how an MIT team made over $ 3 million by traveling through US casinos and using the HLC system. It is a very interesting read, I always recommend the book although there is already a famous movie on the subject. In the book he describes how some of the team members would count by betting little, then signaling the table for other team members to come in and bet hard.

It is not illegal or unethical to count cards. If you feel that you have this talent or inclination, work, study and only then play, you will find that you can measure your bets perfectly compared to other players at the table.

Casinos try to counter card counters by adding more decks to the game and using shuffling machines. The casino staff is relatively well trained and understands the basics of this technique. For example, the ideal situation for a card counter is to clearly raise your bets when half of the decks have already been played. However, casinos know this pattern well and clearly the head of the game and the camcorders will be more attentive to your steps.

Discussion factors

Discretion is critical, and being unobtrusive in performance is important. So as you see, by itself it can be easy, doing it “without bones” requires a little more intelligence. A busy casino, or with a lot of high-stakes online players, a player who counts cards and low bets easily goes unnoticed.

It also limits your playing time, so you have less chance of being remembered, and of course avoid the high chips as they get attention. Change your chips regularly and keep the money in your wallet or pocket.


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