2 Bonus Slots 2 Gaming Experiences to fun-filled

It is well recognized that slot game great blue which has been developed by Playtech Gaming Software is one of the best bonus slot game’s choices. As slot game great blue has not only provided the players with a huge attractive bonus features but also the gaming experience like 3D real graphic, stereo sound effect and of course the various types of special bonus features.

Since there is nothing much worth than the bonus round free where they players can wager anything from the lowest up to the highest amount. That might be one of the reason why the world popular casino games are obviously counted slot in the list. Moreover, the below slot games have been listed for the beginners as well as the slot addicted players to have some pop-up ideas on what the next following bonus slot games should they tried for?

Under the Bed Free 3D Slot Game Online Casino: A kind of fruit machine slot game is a specialist slot game created by Betsoft gaming software producer. On top of that the Under the Bed Free slot game online is developed in the 3D visual graphic features and unique stereo sound effect. This slot game will recall the players back to childhood when they often checked under the bed whether there are any monsters hided under it or not? The game will bring the players back to the time when 2 little kids, sister and a boy are trying to check under the bed and found evils and scary monsters. Meanwhile, this slot game has been designated with 5 reels and 30 paylines together with multi symbols like a bird shaped monster, the bed, the 2 children, a multi eyed orange monster and a one eyed green monster. By which the bed symbol would be considered as a bonus once the players have gathered 3x bed symbols on the reels, then the paying Bonus Round to be triggered. Additionally, if the players have earned a payout during the main game, then the winning combo shall be given to the player and it would definitely double up the payout by basing on 50% of luck to overcome a massive prize.

Untamed Giant Panda Slot Game Online Casino: One of Microgaming’s successful slot game online casino is of course the Untamed Giant Panda Slot which is actually the second game in the series of Untamed like Wolf Pack, Bengal Tiger and now the Panda one. Basically, the Untamed Slot Series have been tailored with 5 reels and 243 ways of winning chances to encourage more players to join in. Under the game background of endangered Giant Panda who lives in the Bamboo jungles in the Chinese mountains and the players are invited to help him. Moreover, the game has been divided into 4 features, firstly is called the Collect-A-Wild which means the players would need to gather 4 tokens in one single reel, then the whole reel will change to a wild reel which is worth for 4 spins and of course the winning combination have been set up. And then gear up for the next level of the game to fun-filled and earn bigger prize.